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My Wheel Horse came with an Ark Loader

I think its an Ark 550 ? - The manual has Model # 07-72FL01 for the loader frame and 07-48BK01 for the 48" bucket.

It has a 600 lb capacity, Dump bucket to full dump is 5 seconds, Raise bucket to full height is 6 seconds.  Runs on a front PTO Mounted 1000 PSI Cessna hydraulic pump. ( according to the manual)

Oil capacity is 6 Qts 10W30 oil ( I run synthetic 5W30 - it works better in the cold) 

This loader has a float feature - One feature I did not know about was that while in float, if you angle the bucket down, it adds down pressure to the float.  This is very handy for leveling and digging ! 

I have a dozer blade which mounts in place of the bucket - I'll try to get some photos up soon.

I added a return line filter from Northern. ( says FPC - Fluid Power Corporation on it ) 3/4" npt inlet - you need use 3/4" to 1/2" reducers on both ends

The hydraulic pump coupler disc went bad recently - I replaced it with a double disc made out of two snapper steering ? discs.  I held them together and drilled holes through them - they were around $ 3 each - still works fine after a year's heavy use 

                             Ark Loader                                           Waiting for snow to stop

                Hydraulic Pump Mounting                           Close-up of Coupling Discs


                Hydraulic filter install                                                   Digging !


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